Use of natural refrigerants such as propane and CO2

For a sustainable future

Propan R 290

The refrigeration industry is at the beginning of a radical change: In line with the Paris Climate Agreement, the future belongs to natural refrigerants. A development that is gradually getting more and more attention and that we at Erba Kälte have been dealing with for over ten years.

Propane (R290), Isobutane (R600a) and Carbon Dioxide (R744) - we have put enormous development work into the field of natural refrigerants. In 2017 and 2018 alone, Erba Kälte invested around 200,000 euros in propane and CO2 system technology.

We therefore not only have the necessary know-how, but also the necessary technical equipment with the latest evacuation and filling technology.

We can offer our customers solutions for new projects and special systems or complete systems with plug-in refrigeration modules. Erba Kälte is also the right partner when it comes to retrofitting existing plants with environmentally friendly refrigerants in accordance with the F-gas regulation.