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Sophisticated and proven

1. Meeting
2. Development
3. Production
4. Shipment

Meeting - The starting point of every successful refrigeration application is an accurate analysis and personal advice. We subject an existing specification sheet to a feasibility analysis and - if necessary - optimise it. Or we develop a customised specification based on an intensive exchange and advice. We then define the project-specific approach together with the customer, and the offer is drawn up later.


Development - Our Technical Department creates a meaningful prototype based on the specification sheet.


Production - During production, depending on the requirement profile, we combine brand components to produce exactly the product that the customer needs, or we carry out task-specific product adjustments. Sometimes we also produce completely new plants in order to be able to meet customer requirements one-to-one. Our goal is to implement the SOP together with our customers.


Shipment - We also take care of the logistics, as well as storage and shipping. In the case of series production, we supply the customer with the agreed quantities at individually specified time intervals. This way, delivery bottlenecks and delays are excluded, especially since we can take over the delivery with vehicles from our company's own fleet.